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“Wonderfully written.  Kept me on the edge of my seat every moment.  An emotional journey.  One of my favorite novels.  Up there with the best- If walls could talk.  An outstanding personalization of the horrors of
the holocaust.”

Charlotte Hanebuth


“A beautifully written, poignant novel based on a shameful period in French history.  A must read for all lovers of historical fiction.”  Barbara Mix


“An incredible story, beautifully written.  Could not put it down.”  Georgia Kelly


“Totally excellent book.  Read it in one day.  The book made me aware of the French round up.  I would like to know if Julia and William got involved.”  Kathleen McCann


“Wonderfully written page turner.  Such an interesting and mysterious story!”  Sue Sneary


“Tatiana’s ability to get me into the ‘head’ of her characters is phenomenal.  I had such empathy for Julia and Sarah.”  Kathleen Voight


“The book is beautifully written – two stories that intersect in a Paris apartment.  Sarah’s love of her brother filled her life with guilt, overshadowing her life with sadness.”  Beth Carpenter


“I will remember this story…..I enjoyed the characters and learned something about this period that was not a popular tale.”  Barb Toslosky


“Sarah’s Key is the most compelling, gripping novel I’ve read in a long time.  Loved everything about it.”  Audrey Raclaw


“Wonderfully written one woman’s quest for the truth.”  Carol Adams

"Just as gripping as The Diary of Anne Frank and Schindler's List". Ginny Thompson



  Thank you Barbara !


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